Do we have limited resources to share on earth?

Working hard, smart and putting every effort to live a great life that you have always imagined. Wow, that is nice and you should achieve much more success and happiness, you deserve it. Sorry, is that right if i say you deserve it? I mean how we measure how much you or anybody else in the world deserve. You work hard and earn money to buy and whatever you can buy with that money, you deserve. Furthermore, once you are able to invest money on yourself, everything in life tend to go in right direction and when everything in life goes right, you are happy. Let us leave the people who does not work hard or does not try enough. What about somebody who never had a chance to grow and live with the rules of society to earn livelihood, does this person does not deserve or if he deserves something the how much does it deserve?

Now let me change track slightly and come to the main topic i want to discuss. Let me take you to back to our ancestors, as per our history books when life started initially they used to hunt or eat whatever they can get, later they started colonizing, farming and live life through give and take relationships. If you give something then you get something else in return, if you needed rice but you have vegetables then you can exchange your vegetables with the person who has rice. This looks simple and easy, everybody is happy and getting all necessary food etc. This they were able to do because population was less and resources for sharing were abundant. However, in the present-day story is different, the easier you want something today the harder you need to work and today working hard can have many different definitions. A CEO of a company works hard, a thief or a fraud also works hard and a murderer too works hard. It does not matter how you work hard if you are able to secure resources to eat for yourself, family and live a life today then you are working hard.

Today everybody is running to secure a job, become an entrepreneur, own a business, and invest for secure future. Now why are we all in hurry and why this rush? Is it because if you do not do it then someone else will do it. However, why we constantly try to earn more, save more, because we want to live a great and flexible life where we do not have any scarcity and always have food for good health, medicine for bad health and more. In addition, for this we can kick or throw anybody in the river. A person today does not care what happens to another person or a group of persons, he just cares to get whatever we want to live. Yes, People or organization (group of people) do charity but how much they succeed. Instead of doing charity, why we cannot make people to earn for themselves their livelihood? Let us make remove the concept of charity and introduced equality. I say we can try but i think this will not be possible because resources are limited to share on earth. I think different people have known this since when we started colonizing, population started to grow. Probably that is the reason someone introduced this system of earning a long time ago.

If you do no earn then you cannot eat and you will die eventually. The scary part is even if we all agree to share whatever we have equally then it is not possible. Major reason of working hard and working smart is securing your livelihood. The smarter, harder you work the easy your life becomes and you move upwards in the food chain. Today we do not just work to earn mere living but to move ourselves in the food chain for more secure and flexible life. By food chain i mean our position in society that we have made like rich, poor, powerful, middle class etc. (I do not want to provide job titles and such but trying to make you understand with more suitable way i can).

This is very sad but truth is many people today does not get the food to survive, it has been happening since long time and will happen in future but i sincerely hope that something changes and at least everybody gets the minimum. But, is it enough if i only hope, have i done something more? Now i will say i have various limitations and many people will say same thing, it may be true but does it matter? In the same world some people get to eat, some get more than food, some get much more and some does not get at all. Why this is happening even though the people who have or get much more are sharing (i mean charity), there is defiantly something wrong in this system of earning much more and charity. Nevertheless, this is also not the main reason and my theory or understanding is that it is all only because of limited resources that we have to share and eventually we will all suffer from it one day unless science advances much more and resolves all of this. I am not claiming of any research or thorough study on this subject but it is just my thoughts and understanding, you can also call it a theory or speculations and i strongly believe this is true.

Now what i think is everyone who is born on this planet has right to its resources. However, the system that we have made it is very much possible that you can be born here without anything. The only thing we are sharing equally is air, sunlight, water to some extent (I am not sure if there are more but that is all i can think of) where we do not have any choice but to share. If anyone tries to steal, something that belongs to you then that person is a criminal as per the law we have made. Likewise, are we not criminals for not sharing or giving the person, the resources of this earth that he/she deserves? But we have lived and gone so deep in this matrix of the system we have made that we cannot say or decide how much anyone deserves.

I apologize if i have confused you as a reader with all above but truth is that i am also confused.



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Not a professional word master or story wizard. and also not a saint but a very common human being who is experiencing life. And also I am not batman.