Dearest One


1 min readJun 16, 2022

You are stuck emotionally
You are going but there is no destination, there is but it’s blurred
You can’t see clearly, your eyes are fine but you cannot see
And life has become suddenly pointless journey of nothingness.

In this time of emptiness, you need someone special
You need someone dear to hold your hand,
You need the dear one,
You need the dear one to just sit beside you
You want the special one to do nothing but just be with you forever.

You want the touch of kindness, you want hugs of comfort and love
You want the one to listen to your every little thing
You just want to talk day and night, you just want to feel the presence day and night,
You want to complete each other day and night, forever.
It’s time, you want the dearest one,
It’s time for a journey of love and happiness into infinity together.